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Community Solar

At MSI, we make it our mission to provide everyone with access to renewable and sustainable energy sources.

Our solar farms provide the perfect opportunity to make the switch.

Solar farms reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions released into the atmosphere and are helping our planet heal and protect the future of our generations.

The power of renewable energy is at your fingertips and with Midwest Solutions Inc., we are committed to helping you access it.

Community Solar Farm

Community solar allows multiple members of a community to purchase, own, or benefit from a single solar installation.

It is a cost-effective and environmentally friendly way for homeowners, renters, and businesses to benefit from solar energy, without having to install panels on their own property.


With community solar, each participant is credited for the electricity produced from the shared system and offset their electric bills. In this way, participants save on their electricity costs, while also supporting a clean and renewable energy resource for the future.

What is Community Solar?

Solar Energy

How Does Community Solar Work?

Community solar is a large, central solar power plant, whose electricity is shared by multiple properties.

The amount of solar energy produced by your section translates into credits on your electricity bill.


What are the Benefits?

Community solar allows everyone to benefit from solar energy, even if they can’t put panels on a rooftop. In areas where solar power is less expensive than traditionally generated electricity, consumers can save money on their monthly bills. If subscribers move to a new home within the same utility service territory or county, they can typically continue to benefit from their community solar share. Programs may also have options for selling or donating subscriptions.

Family with Solar Panels

The first step is determining if you are eligible for one of our many solar farms across the country. Our dedicated staff will walk you through the process of evaluating your location, ensuring that you can take full advantage of the savings that solar energy can provide.

Once it is confirmed that a farm is available to you, then we'll help you enroll in the program, free of charge.

Where Do I Start?

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