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Understanding Solar Energy: Why Utility Bills Matter

It is definitely understandable that there are hesitations around providing certain types of information, in any situation. Some homeowners may question why their utility bill is required for their solar energy consultation. Here are some common misconceptions:

#1: Why is my utility company and energy usage not enough?

While these things are certainly essential, we need to get the full picture in order to provide your with an accurate estimate. When generating your estimate and cost-benefit analysis, there is additional information on your utility bill that is necessary.

Every client is different, as is their rates, usage, and net metering practices. During your consultation, we will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have about this process or analyzing your utility bill.

#2: I've been quoted on solar energy for my home without providing my utility bill before.

To accurately design your solar panel system that can yield the most savings and revenue for you, your energy specialist must first analyze your electricity usage. By doing so, we can properly gauge the ideal size of your system that will satisfy both your current and anticipated energy usage. This guarantees a system that is tailored to fit your present and future energy usage requirements.

Receiving a rough estimation may appear attractive but is likely an undervalued estimate, which is an inappropriate way to determine which solar option is best for you. To gauge the cost savings and potential return on investment, a utility bill is required.

#3: I don't like giving out any of my information...what if I am hacked?

Some homeowners may be hesitant to provide their utility bill due to concerns of security. While it is virtually impossible for our company to hack into your account, doing this would also not benefit us in any way.

Midwest Solutions Inc. has a privacy policy in place- we will not share or sell any of your information.

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