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Is Solar Right For Your Home?

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The Benefits of Solar

What used to be considered a luxury is now becoming accessible to many, marking a shift towards a sustainable future.


With falling solar costs, an increasing number of individuals are acknowledging and seizing its numerous advantages.

Assessing Your Home's Solar Potential

4 Factors to Consider Before Going Solar

When thinking about switching to solar, you might wonder,

"What should I know before going solar?"


To ease and enhance the process, consider these 4 key factors before installing solar panels:

  • Your home's location significantly impacts its solar potential, but there's more to it than just sunny weather. Consider the following:

    Local utility company rates

    Available solar incentives and rebates in your region

    Local solar regulations and policies

    Permit and approval requirements for solar installations

  • While homeowners have limited control over local utility prices, those in areas with higher electricity costs may see more substantial savings with solar.

    Yet, solar benefits extend beyond just savings, offering value even in regions with lower electricity rates.

  • Before proceeding with solar panel installation, confirm that you own your property and have the right to modify it.

  • With solar panels lasting up to 30 years, ensure your roof is in good condition and suitable for installation. Key considerations include:

    Sun Exposure: Sufficient sunlight is essential for efficient power generation. Evaluate the orientation and shading of your roof.

    Structural Integrity: Your roof must be sturdy enough to support the solar panels and endure environmental elements like wind and rain.

When considering the installation of a solar PV system, factors such as location, monthly energy usage, and roof suitability are crucial to evaluate due to their impact on the system's performance, cost-effectiveness, and feasibility.

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