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​We'll analyze your energy bill, discuss your energy utilization, determine your projected cost savings, and outline the steps for transitioning to solar power.​

Let us help find the energy solution that is perfect for you!

What to Expect

So you've just taken the first step in the Solar Journey: submtting your information in our form.



What comes next?

sunset over solar panels with a little kid
roadmap to going solar in illinois infographic

Your Roadmap to Going Solar in Illinois

Need More Information?

Solar Energy Resources

The Installation Process

Is Solar Right For You?

Incentives + Rebates


"I put off looking into solar for some time. I finally had Lynda stop by and she gave me a clear evaluation of my home.

I was shocked at how much I learned about solar.

In my eyes its not about wanting solar it is about needing it.

I found it to be a no brainer."


Woodstock, Illinois

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